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Some Spoon Carving Hatchets

The best thing about this axe is, it is cheap yet looks expensive. I know the looks should not judge a curving tool, but the rust-proof material of the blade is genuinely praiseworthy. Apart from all these issues, I still suggest this for people who rarely go camping. For occasional use, this cheap hatchet will do the job quite well. For a beginner on a budget, this one can be an excellent choice to try your luck. Here is the result of about thirty minutes of regrinding on an inexpensive axe from the Sears Craftsman line.

Once the blank is the appropriate thickness I cut away the corners and make the handle octagonal. I also took this opportunity to refine the shape and profile of my handle and clean up any areas of slightly torn fibers with a few licks of a spokeshave. When carving a handle, I like to start with a piece of green hickory, a froe, and a club. My other axe has a black locust handle and I carved it from a dry board. It was more challenging than working with green hickory, which is perfect and buttery, but if all you have is sawn lumber, don’t let that stop you. You’ve probably seen them stuffed piles in the cluttered tables of an old antique store or flea market.

carving axes

The 4.528-inch blade is forged from 1055 carbon steel and shaped with a long beard. It also keeps an edge better than other materials, which is critical when the tool is under prolonged use. The bearded shape of the blade gives it versatility of use from simple chops to precision cuts. It also provides additional balance to the tool, making it easier to use. CRKT offers a deep bearded Viking style axe that can also double as a carving axe. It’s designed for comfortable one-hand use, and it’s useful for projects that require controlled cuts.

Goosewing Broad Axe

The axe arrives with a pre-sharpened head that is covered in a full-length artistic sheath. Wood carving has been a trendy hobby since the beginning of the iron era of human civilization. From then, till now axes of different sizes and shapes are handcrafted with thousand-old methods. Even in the ultra-modern era, an axe has to be crafted by hand in the ultra-modern era to make it flawless. I’ll have to keep my eye out for that Northern Tool axe. I just received my dream carving axe custom made from an English blacksmith, but finding usable tools at the other extreme of the price range is awesome.

How To Choose The Best Carving Axe

This buying guide features a list of six axes that are superior in design and performance. In addition, they are comfortable to use over long periods and durable. You may be overwhelmed by the numerous options available.

You’ll also like its blade radius since it will let you bite deep and chop effectively. Council Tool offers a resilient carving axe, with a hardened poll that you can use for some light hammering tasks. The axe has a nice head to handle fit, and it will provide you with a well-balanced grip when carving. It also features a dense hickory handle with great grain orientation. The heads are of very good quality and are drop forged abroad but ground and honed by Brian Alcock the last professional grinder in Sheffield, England.

Anyone Have Any Thoughts On The Old Timer 24ot Splinter Carving Knife?

There’s a straight gouge, a hook blade, and a detail blade. Add to that a v-scorp blade, gouge scorp blade and chisel blade, and you have all your whittling needs covered. The handle is well-shaped and comfortable to hold. But we’ve heard of one or two cases where the finish hasn’t been as smooth as it should have been. A quick sand will sort out the problem, but you shouldn’t really have to do that with a new knife. The steel doesn’t hold an edge as well as premium products.

The Opinel brand is known for producing quality whittling knives in various sizes since 1890. Each knife is made in France and you can choose a variety of different handles, including walnut. If you have been looking for different blade and handle sizes, then I recommend checking out Opinel.

Schrade Old Timer Bowie Fixed Blade Knife P1105594

Regardless of COA, the utility you get for the price is great. There may be higher quality tools available but at a higher price as well. Materials, fit and finish are all very nice and the blades hold an adequate edge. My only nit is that I think the springs are a bit soft and that the knife would benefit from stronger pressure on the open blades. I would recommend this to friends looking for and affordable folding carver.

3 7/8″ closed. Stainless coping blade. Brown sawcut Delrin handles with brass bolsters and inlay shield. Made in China. 10 1/2″ overall. 5 7/8″ stainless upswept blade. Sawcut Delrin handles with Old Timer inlay shield. 7 1/4″ overall. 3 1/2″ stainless guthook blade. Brown sawcut Delrin handles with Old Timer inlay shield.

Then again, for a $12-$15 knife, I can’t complain too much. The one I use the most has had the edge touched up with a honing steel, mostly to fix a bad spot I created using it to strike a ferro rod. I’ve since ground the spine square, so that’s no longer necessary. The Imperial and Colonial Barlows are littermates. The brands blended together, so that’s why they look similar.

Schrade Old Timer 440t

I’d been looking at the Flexcut carver for some time, but was not willing to pay the price. One of my favorite whittling knives is an old Schrade that had both blades broken when I got it in a big lot of knives I picked up at auction. A little grinding, a little sharpening, and this resulted.

old timer carving jack

For those of you looking for a single bladed pocket knife with a classic look, the MasterCarver Pocket Whittler 2 is the perfect knife for you. For reference, I will be using Rockwell Hardness to judge the steel hardness. Ideally, you will want to use a knife with a HRC between 58 and 62. This hardness range has the best balance of edge retention without becoming too brittle to carve with. We carry a huge selection of knives from some of the world’s top brands, like Spyderco, Kershaw and many more.

When I was growing up in the North Cascades I would just grab whatever wood I could find, but Alder was pretty nice to use for general carving. Some people choose to order blocks of basswood to practice whittling and get consistent results. The Case Seahorse is a classic knife that I bet plenty of people reading this have seen before. When looking for this knife it is important to realize that the difference in handles can have a big impact on the overall cost. I don’t care about having a specialized handle material personally, especially for something I am actually going to use and not just put up on a shelf to collect or give as a gift.

Full Tang D2 Carbon Steel Wharncliffe Carving Knife

They come with a single carbon steel blade that folds into a comfortable beechwood handle. With its twist lock collar, the knife feels just as ridged as a fixed bladed knife. All that having been said, I have some pretty good Chinese “Old Timer” and other Schrade brand name pocket knives. In general, they do not have the fit and finish of the older USA-made models from which they are derived. A few minutes with a cheap sharpening stone will take the edges off, though. The pivots and construction do not seem to be quite as robust as they used to be on some of the models, so on them the blades may not feel as rock solid as a fixed blade knife.

  • It’s a testament to the design that the Old Timer Senior remains in production to this day and is one of our best-selling knives here at Knife Depot.
  • Be prepared to do some sharpening when you first receive this one.
  • Over the years I have found it extremely frustrating to get a new tool or knife and then discover that it needs a lot of sharpening to even be slightly functional.
  • These are stainless steel blades so if you prefer high carbon steel, it is worth noting that this is stainless.
  • The only issue you may have is a very slight front to back wobble on the blade when fully opened.
  • A quick sand will sort out the problem, but you shouldn’t really have to do that with a new knife.

The blade of this carving knife will not slip with the security of the heat-treated back springs. This product offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty and offers customer old timer carving jack service, the best wood carving knife for all ages. I’ve got a couple of them with no complaints, other than the usual “the sheath could use some improvement”.

Looks to be good quality overall – especially for under twenty bucks. Contrary to other reviews, the blades on mine are tight to the frame – no ‘looseness’ noted. They all need sharpened, or at least honed, before they’ll be used. Other that that, fit and finish is pretty good.

Chip Carving Knife

Chip Carving Knife

Try to find a work style that personally suits you and your chip carving pace. It will catch the chips flying all over the place and help you to clean up more easily afterward. To help you get the best out of your chip carving endeavors, here are some helpful and practical tips. If you do not currently own a sharpening stone, the King Two Sided Sharpening Stone is an excellent choice. It is delivered in both 1000 grit for angle sharpening and 6000 grit for blade tip sharpening. Nice to read that I am not alone about Pfeil knife handles.

These same precision blades are used on all Diamond Knives. You also need softening stones when working with those tools. When chip carving, the sharpening stone grit is very important.

Last but not least, we have the Chip Carving Workshop by Lora Irish – a very well-known chip carver. This 144 pages paperback book has over 200 practice projects like making geometric shapes and free-form designs to can use to get better at chip carving. Written by Wayne Barton, The Complete Guide to Chip Carving is a beginner-friendly guide to chip carving. This 144 pages paperback book will guide you to choosing the best tool for the job and making complex chip carving patterns in material. It is beautifully illustrated with colored pictures as well as written in an easy step-by-step manner.

  • Although chip carving can be found in virtually all cultures, the majority of the carving being done today is influenced by its European heritage.
  • We hope our findings will help you out throughout your journey.
  • State of the art power tools ~ Authorized Festool & Fein dealer.
  • This was very probably a transfer to metalworking of a technique already used in woodcarving, but no wooden examples have survived.
  • High price, which will probably make the beginners look for a cheaper one.

The handle is big and comfortable, and is designed for a long-term usage. However, there is little information about this knife for the buyer. My friend from San-Francisco tried to return the knife on Amazon but failed. Practice and the development of skill creates the results. There is no “magic knife” that can substitute for that skill.

Sheffield Made Straight Chip Carving Tool (w Free Uk Postage.

Several companies offer their own sets of chip carving knives, as seen on this page. UJ Ramelson has a selection of wood carving knife sets, like this two-piece set that includes a hooked blade knife and a wood carving bench knife. If you’re looking for the best chip carving knife set, we’ve chosen the KN115 knife set that you can read about above.

chip carving knives

We often see many people selecting a pocket knife over a specialized chip carving knife. While we understand that pocket knives can be much cheaper and more readily available, we do not recommend people to use pocket knives when chip carving. The blades are usually not as strong as a true carving knife and may snap at any time. Additionally, the blades are also a little too fat to deliver an accurate result. At least, most beginners will have a lot of difficulty working with a pocketknife when chip carving.

The knife may have a little chemical scent when it arrives, something that is left after the manufacturing, but in a day or two, it disappears completely. Indeed, much of the chip carving seen today is the “Swiss Style” of chip carving popularized by Wayne Barton. The following chip carving items are used by chip carvers, including Bruce Nicholas who discovered chip carving in the mid 1980’s.

Ideal for Beginners – This knife set specifically I have recommended to plenty of people first starting out whom aren’t sure what to get. The price is reasonable for how durable and long lasting they are. Something you’ll soon find out about wood carving knives is that you get what you pay for. Durable – Extremely sturdy knife, the blades don’t come loose like flexcut knives do. The reason being is that the steel blade runs all the way through the handle which adds durability to the knife. Honestly this is an extremely relieving factor since I’ve had my fair share of run ins with blades that come loose very easily.

Gesso Highlights Carvings

We have been providing wood carving tools since 1997 and we strive to excel in customer service and quality products. The WB Premier knives are an evolution of the original Barton knives that thousands of carvers have used, and are still using, to chip carve. Barton’s Premier knives feature handles made from Cocobolo Toned Pakawood, a dyed lamination of birch impregnated with an acrylic which adds strength.

When choosing a detailed knife, it is important to go with a model that has a short blade so that your hands can be closer to the chip. This will allow you to make much more accurate cuts. The stab knife is a straight-edge blade knife to make straight line accents in your chip pattern. The blade of the stab knife can easily be sharpened for very precise cuts. Basically, you simply push in the material in a perpendicular fashion with the stab knife to remove material.

If you’re only getting started carving wood, then it’s highly recommended to start with some soft woods, for example, basswood for easier carving. Moreover, soft woods are recommended for chip carving even at the later stage. A wonderful addition to the set is a leather strop with a polishing compound. Stropping supplies allow you to take care of your knives whenever you feel like they need that. A useful carrying case helps to organize the tools and maintain them in great condition for decades.

These right- or left-hand, spear point marking knife blades are perfect for scribing fine lines against a straight edge. Choosing the right chip carving knife for your woodcraft projects is crucial to their success. If you can’t make up your mind, you can purchase two knives separately or a whole set. Who knows, maybe having more wood carving tools will boost your motivation for creating stunning works of art.

The more you chip carve, the better you get at it and the more complex patterns you will be able to make. Once you have gained the necessary skill set to chip carve, the sky is the limit. You will be able to make timeless works of art using inexpensive and basic tools quickly and easily.

Beginner Woodworking Projects

Desks, tables, chairs are all excellent examples of woodworking projects that sell. I am sharing easy beginner woodworking projects below that will help you get started building lots of amazing pieces of furniture. The projects range from simple scrap wood projects to small furniture.

wooden projects

With this crate coffee table, you still get to practice your skills adding the casters and the center box. Finish with a little stain, and this table is ready to roll. The lids are also great for keeping insects and wildlife at bay.

Woody Woodpecker Door Knocker

You can even get anything from this list and build a great DIY project with kids, regardless of whether they have their own wooden kits to build. Baby cradles and clocks are other examples of great applications of woodworking skills to create projects that sell. A foosball table, a pool table, chess or checkers board, or even a ping pong table are all fine examples of woodworking projects that sell. The hours of fun that could be had playing ping pong, with wooden paddles, on the wooden table, would add great value to people’s lives.

Maybe it’s about time you did something with some of those scraps. Perhaps this scrap wood modern mountain art project can inspire you. RemodelaholicThanks to many furniture retailers, unassembled hairpin legs are easy to come by. It’s a good thing, too, because most modern furniture utilizes them. Buying them unassembled makes DIY projects like this herringbone wooden coffee table an easy feat.

Wooden Airplane Play Structure

He does fantastic work and has a very thorough tutorial on his site. If you sell this with the chess pieces as well, it would easily go for a $150 or more, I do believe. When selecting the type of wood to use, don’t just go with any scrap board you have lying around. On the web page for this build, you’ll find a link to an article about choosing the best wood for these projects. Here’s an absolutely beautiful Edge grain butcher block cutting board, with a great tutorial over on Even though I’m not looking for projects to sell myself, I think I’m going to make one of these for my wife.

Show off your snapshots in style with these adorable house-shaped wooden photo holders. They are quite simple to make, and they are sure to elicit oohs and ahhs from all of your friends when you tell them you made them. Head over to The Merry Thought to find out how to make one. This decorative plaque is a unique way to dress up your walls, using a piece of scrap wood and some faux moss.

And this stylish umbrella table (here’s how to build it) will provide a stable base to avoid accidents when the wind picks up. The base is made from plywood and No. 2 cedar, with the top from knot-free cedar or pressure-treated deck boards. You’ll need moderate skills to complete this project, such as how to use pocket screws and operate a miter saw. The simplicity of this ground level deck makes it fast to build. With a helper and all the materials ready to go first thing in the morning, you can have a completed ground level deck before sundown.

Cariboo Blades Tools & Knives

One stick of compound will last approximately until the heat death of the universe. A strop is a surface that is used after the finest stone for the final stage of sharpening. The function of a strop is to polish the edge and work off any burr left behind by sharpening stones. Although other materials are used, strops are most often made of leather.

Pivoting the handle up and following the hook. Again, time your drag so the whole edge will make contact for the length of stone. Always keep pressure down against the stone with your fingers. The tangs are level with the bottom of the handle for easier sharpening control.

How Do You Choose A Strop?

When it’s gone, I’ll know I’ve covered and flattened the entire edge.As you achieve a finer and finer edge, a burr (a microscopic rolled-over wire of metal) begins to form. Whenever I sharpen a knife, the last thing I do is strop both sides several times – alternately – with a piece of leather that’s charged with buffing compound. Stropping breaks off the burr and gives that perfect edge you’re looking for. This applies to both flat blades and hook knives. Push the rod away from yourself while keeping it flat against the blade. But the vast majority of the time – as with any wood carving tool – maintenance is a simple matter of honing and polishing the edge that’s already there.

  • Sharpening a hook knife is another seemingly daunting task but is actually very similar to sharpening your axe head.
  • Most importantly, many of my students were able to intuitively carve nice hollows right away with these.
  • If it seems ok, then it may be worth the work on the curved blade.
  • Keep the tool in a dry place, since even a slight moisture greatly affects the tool and it can get rusty.

He is also a knife designer and has had his designs fabricated by top blade smiths. You can purchase this strop including 150 grams of polishing compound for £28 postage included, UK only. To be quite honest I am relatively new to using this type of stropping system.

How To Sharpen A Crooked Knife Or Hook Knife

The thing is, everyone uses sandpaper when they start out. It’s the easiest way to tidy up an almost finished spoon without ruining it while you’re still building your carving skills. You get a finished spoon and don’t end up hating everything. If you’re just dipping your toes into the spoon carving world, starting with roughed out blanks is one way to ease yourself in. Eventually you’ll want to be making these yourself. In my workshops I’ve noticed that axe work and sourcing the raw materials tend to be major barriers to folks just starting out.

strop for hook knife

Choose a left-handed tool to cut away from yourself. Our Right-Handed Hook Knife blade is curved, similar to a gouge, for working in hollows with ease and fast stock removal. Kristina Madsen gets her carving inspiration from textiles, nature, tradition, strop for hook knife and some amazing and distinguished mentors. See the results and get an inside view of the process. Dawson Moore’s spoon mule clamps workpieces low and from the sides, making it perfect for narrow parts, spoon bowls, and other workpieces.

Step 3 Cut The Leather And Then Secure It.

I also have a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching all I know about craft and everything that surrounds it. I recently tuned up 13 of these hook knives for spoon-carving courses. All but one made acceptable cuts right out of the box, and were improved to a polished edge in just a couple of minutes of stropping with honing compound. The one questionable edge had a small nick that sharpened out quickly.

strop for hook knife

When someone asks me for advice about leather strops, I usually suggest buying this one. It always gives good results and is very cheap. Moreover, the stropping compound is included, so no need to look for one somewhere else. This video will show you a few ways I use the 164.



This is another tool that I’ve already made a post and video for, so if you want to learn how to use a jigsaw, just check out that post. Just for the record, a jointer and planer are not from the ICDT kit – the philosophy on that column is, indeed, beginner AND basic . I’d like to add some type of sharpening system to your list.

  • “The rounded parts of the blade can be used to make larger rolled or slicing cuts while the thin pointed tip is for detailed work.”
  • Bandsaw teeth come in coarse designs for fast cuts and fine teeth for smooth, slower cutting.
  • You could call me a tool collector, my family does.
  • If you have a tablesaw then there are jigs you can build to replicate what you can do on a jointer.
  • A planer is a shop necessity in my opinion.
  • Most benchtop table saws are direct drive.

I now have a reference surface that can go thru my planer. This is not really difficult or excessively time consuming. We could have a whole discussion on which hand saws to squire.

You are spot on about sharpening supplies and measuring/marking tools, they are very useful. Although I do not have a dedicated box for these tools, I assure you that they have a great home in cabinets, on shelves, and laying around on benches. When I do need to take my hand tools somewhere, the larger tools end up in a simple tongue and grooved latch box my grandfather owned. The smaller tools are always in my overall pockets.

During our time together I get to understand their needs and abilities, and our discussion usually turns to the tools they have in their shop. To that end, there are four machines that form the foundation of every well-equipped wood shop . Starting out, you can easily get by with just a miter saw and a table saw.

Diy Home Improvement Projects

So in all, I would suggest some personal reflection…What type of woodworker do you want to become? …and from there garnish your shop appropriately. While the jointer is not my personal favorite, I know a lot of woodworkers who would put the jointer at the top of their list. A critical tool for anyone who wants to do more traditional projects that require dimensional lumber for perfectly square glue ups. Many people assume a planer can do the job of a jointer, however if you put a curved board through a planer, you end up with a thinner curved board most of the time. Some will say to buy a jointer before a planer, however I say buy a planer first and make a jointing jig for it.

You’ll need a variety of sizes in ¼” increments from ¼” to at least 1½”. The smallest chisels are best for mortise work. The ¾” and 1” will be best for door hinges, and the 1½” works well for chipping out.

Your skill levels, interests, space, and time all play an important role in determining your woodworking journey. Growing up we always had a woodshop in our home and I was particularly attracted to the wood lathe. I knew woodturning was always something I would be interested in but it took quite a while until I had space for a lathe. In the meantime, I still dabbled in woodworking and began building out a collection of beginner A miter saw is another invaluable tool for intermediate to expert woodworkers. This Craftsman miter saw offers a 15 Amp 4,500 RPM motor that can cut lumber up to 2 x 6-inch and 4 x 4-inch boards.


Woodworking requires that you measure and mark accurately. You don’t need a construction size 25-foot tape measure, a simple 12-footer is enough to get the job done, and it slides easily into the pocket of any shop apron. This Craftsman is an auto-locking type, meaning that the blade stays in position when you pull it out until you press the retract button. A miter saw is the quickest and most accurate way to crosscut a batch of wood pieces to the same length . It also cuts trim for doors and windows, and when equipped with a specialized blade, it will cut plastic pipe, copper tubing, and aluminum channels and strips.

And with enough practice, you can use it to fine tune the fit of two pieces of wood so they look like they came out of the tree fitting together. You need a table saw to rip boards along their length, to crosscut short pieces, and to saw notches, bevels, and grooves. We use a small DeWalt saw in the PM shop and have found it to be a consistent, accurate and powerful little machine, perfect for entry-level woodworking projects.

We strive to experts in the field of moisture measurement instrumentation for wood. The radial arm saw is the most under recognized tool there is. People feel a compound miter saw replaces this but this can do so much more.

woodworking tools

This will keep the end of the handle from becoming malformed when you hammer on it. The next important hand tool for the woodworker is an accuratetape measure. Get a retractable one that woodworking tools is at least 25 feet long. Any longer than that, and you start having problems getting it to roll back up. When they get loose, you’ll have as much as 1/8” variation in your measurements.

These different wood species have different specific gravities, which must be used or programmed into the moisture meter. Some moisture meters have pins that penetrate the surface of the wood. This can leave tiny holes that mar the surface and require filling. They have sensing plates that scan the wood beneath. A poorly-balanced claw hammer will twist in your hand, making it difficult to drive nails properly.

Mine is big enough to not only hold stuff, but serve as an assembly table when necessary. The table of the table saw is set apart from other tables because it is commonly the only one open and available in the shop. I try to keep it clear enough to actually use, which means that at least part of the top is usually available and ready to be used as a table or maybe even a saw. Besides just making through cuts, the table saw can also cut dados, rabbets and other grooves with just a few adjustments. And, with the addition of profiled cutters and a creative mind, the table saw can be used to make all kinds of mouldings, including large crown mouldings. Notice how my table saws can work both as a table and a saw.

woodworking tools

Sounds backwards, but the corded tools have a lot more power. Although the battery game will probably catch up eventually. I have a 7.25” Milwaukee and don’t have any complaints. Although you are probably safe with any of your favorite premium brand circular saw .

More than a decade ago I spent 2 weeks in Maine aspiring to learn furniture making. On my return home I started enthusiastically planning to turn my basement into a proper shop – with all the “essential” tools I had learned to use. In the sixty years of woodworking I have found two tools of increasing necessity. I can do most of my work with a band saw and hand plane. The second tool is a bow saw, or actually several bow saws. They will replace the band saw if required, though they are slow.