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Need To Know: Amazing Features Of Google Calendar App On Android You May Not Know Exist | Revealed.

You’re not going to have work on weekends, so just remove them from your week. Take out late night hours from the hourly projection on Calendar for the same exact reason. Ever had the need for a gym app to tell you when to need to exercise? Well, just get rid of that app because due to Google’s recent update to Calendar, you have an option to assign a certain goal, frequency and daily time for an activity. This could be anything from sparing time to spend with your family to doing yoga.

  • Sometimes, you need to be able to share your calendar with other people.
  • More often than not, the calendars get deselected due to some calendar storage glitches.
  • Adjusting your view to suit your activities is a great way to reframe your week.
  • List all the tasks, assignee and the deadlines in a Google Sheet.
  • The choice available by default on your Android device should be something that makes it easy enough for you.

Just go to the Settings page under the General tab and you can change your tabs along the top of the calendar to the time frame that best suits you. You can also change the day your week begins, your date and time format, whether or not to show weekends, and more. Have a favorite team that you don’t want to miss a game for?

The Real Useful Fail Safe Is Google Calendar

This makes Google Calendar a great option for individuals and businesses already invested in Google’s ecosystem. A paid subscription isn’t necessary for Calendar or any other Workspace productivity app, but it does introduce several helpful features. For example, you can set up custom emails for you and your employees, access more cloud storage, reserve conference rooms, and set up shared calendars for your business. Used in a professional setting, it’s a tool to get everyone organized while having visibility into each other’s schedules. It’s a way to share meeting rooms, organize team events, schedule events with remote workers, keep to-do lists, and so much more.

But as common and straightforward as Google Calendar may seem, it’s also packed with a surprising amount of features and integrations that help you manage your time more effectively. If you’ve been working online within the past decade, you’ve probably used Google Calendar to manage your schedule — or, at the very least, received an invite from a colleague who uses it. And with that, your Android calendar experience is officially upgraded.

How To Connect Your Calendar To Spike On Mobile

You sink into bed exhausted, but nothing feels done. The daily whirlwind of activities swept you away while your greatest priorities took a back Download Google Calendar APK for Android seat. We believe neverending to-do lists are the source of overwhelm and disappointment in life. You don’t have to let your to-do list call the shots.