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6 Best Free & Cost-effective Animation Program For Your Pc That Is Not Complicated In This Fall

A beautiful, fast and easy way to add pricing boxes to your website using WPBakery Page Builder. This is a theme pack for Social Share & Locker PRO plugin. Quick Ajax is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps you make Ajax Query easily. WPBakery Page Builder Icon tabs let you add the tabs to your pages/posts.

Paragraph div – allow you to add instructions or descriptions for the product. Checkbox – allows buyers to select multiple options, at a time, from a list of options. Text Area Field – A text field that allows buyers to add more information that exceeds a single line. More options are available in the premium version such as pricing options, conditional logic, upload fields, image selector, color group, and more. For instance, details about customizations to be made on the product they are purchasing before you make the delivery. You can add fields to collect information like color themes, dates, customer notes, engrave texts for packaging of gifts or for design services. Having additional fields on the product page can be essential in cases where you are selling unique products and must add custom fields.

Logos Showcase for WPBakery Page Builder is a premium WordPress plugin build to display and manage your logos and clients in many ways as a grid or as a slider. You have multiple special themes and effects that will help you to show your logos in so many different looks. Testimonials Showcase for WPBakery Page Builder is the perfect WordPress plugin build to display and manage your testimonials as a responsive grid or as a dynamic slider. You have multiple special themes and effects that will help you to show your testimonials in so many different ways. Build template for Woocommerce product detail page with WPBakery Page Builder to create product detail pages of different. 4000 Ultimate icons addon is WPBakery Page Builder shortcode that gives you the awesome ability to use over 4,000 font icons on your WordPress site. You can add background shapes to your icons, adjust the size and colors, apply different hover effects, and align them to suit your every need.

Parallax Background addon allows transforming row background images and videos of WPBakery Page Builder into awesome parallax background images and videos. It will enhance your site design by adding simple, but yet very neat animation effect. Want to showcase your case studies and demonstrate difference between original Vs. new image? Powerful table manager for WPBakery Page Builder allows you to create and manage tables with drag and drop interface. It allows you to create, manage and set control access to your templates based on user roles or page post types. And the options price is added to the product price using a pricing table. This will be shown in Cart, Checkout and Order details pages.

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After successfully installing and activating, the Custom Products Options tab will appear under the “Products” tab of WooCommerce. The free version of WooCommerce Product Add Ons is available from website which we can install by following the steps below. File Upload is useful if you are offering, for example, design services; users can upload an image of an item to be designed/replicated.

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  • DuckDuckGo is a search engine that prioritizes users’ privacy by not tracking queries, IP addresses or other online activities.
  • Persistently private search is at the core of DuckDuckGo’s Firefox add-on, but the tool also enables users to block advertising trackers and force sites to use encrypted connections when available.
  • DuckDuckGo is a small player in the competitive search engine market, but it has been an available built-in search engine option on Safari and Firefox since 2014.
  • The DownThemAll add-on is a free, open-source download manager that claims to increase download speeds by up to 400%.

Powerful form manager for WPBakery Page Builder allows you to create and manage form very easily. Showcase your products in high resolution mockup wrappers. Wrap your images or YouTube or Vimeo videos in different browser and device graphics. WPBakery Page Builder Popup Notifications lets you add the popup notifications to your pages/posts. Fully Customizable Responsive Pricing Tables for WPBakery Page Builder. Create unique Pricing Tables to suit your needs, customize the colors, add icons and even use as call-to-action buttons.

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2- The form builder has more options like image group, file upload, global form, google place selector, etc. 1- You can buy the plugin, which is also known as Woocommerce product options from the official website of Acowebs. 5- Select it and it will launch a blank which will display a list of forms when you add them.

The date field selects one pre-formatted date which is easier for you to understand. Custom price formula – you can add a mathematical formula to calculate the price based on the user input value, product quantity, and product price. Time picker – displays a list of time slots that a buyer can choose from.

Custom Date picker – this a customized and appealing date picker different from the default browser date picker. Multi-select Field – this field is useful if you want your customers to make multiple selections, at a time, from different options available as a dropdown. Tooltip/help text – this feature allows you to download spotify songs add text which will show as help text alongside the label or tooltip text when the user selects the input field. File Upload – allows users to upload files such as documents, images, and images.