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8 Tips to Restore Not New Laptop Efficiency After Installing Antivirus

In this blog post, part 15 of the Keep it Simple with Intune series, I will show you how you can switch on management of Windows 10 updates on your devices. Specifies if scheduled updates are installed in the third week of the month. When the file is properly configured, you can simply click it and make changes to your Windows registry. In the properties window, select the Enabled” option. Thevhdx files are thin provisioned and can grow up to the maximumВ Size in MBs, which defaults to 30 GB. ItвЂs difficult to change this value later, so make sure itвЂs large enough for your Office users.

The “page file” is a file used by Windows to store data that cannot fit into the RAM. In this guide, we will show how you can make This PC default in Windows 10 by disabling Quick Access as well as how to remove the Quick Access from the navigation pane. If you are using Windows 10 Home edition, then you need to use the Windows Registry Editor to disable blur on Windows 10 login screen. In case there is a proxy server in your setup, you must enter the credentials for proxy server while configuring WSUS.

Although these are pretty handy features, if you’re a network administrator working on an environment where you must prevent users from participating on cross-device experiences, or you don’t find it useful, and you don’t want to make your device discoverable by other devices, you can disable Shared Experiences using the Group Policy or Registry. Your favorite Chromebook just got better with an updated design, display, performance, and battery life.

The Automatic Update Behavior setting determines how the client actually installs updates and whether or not you are going to force a restart. It will also prevent Windows 10 Store apps from running in the background, something which will only help if you’re using a lot of those apps instead of traditional desktop apps.Better yet, Battery Saver is automatically enabled when you reach 20% battery life by default, and you can adjust this threshold.

Under the Options” section, use the Quality updates (days) drop-down menu to specify the number of days before Windows Update runs automatically to install monthly updates. Automatically reboot if any of these options are selected: The reboot will occur if the machine meets any of the selected options, whichever happens first. If a directory is passed with the -qmldir argument, windeployqt uses the qmlimportscanner tool to scan QML files inside the directory for QML import dependencies.

On the left side of the System menu, click the Focus assist tab. Click the Change account type button. Next, the Screen Saver Setting windows will come up. Set your screen saver to something from the dropdown list. You specify the menus in much the same way as you do window layouts, with lists. For people who really bootres.dll location want to stick with the old version of Edge, the only option is to block those updates from automatically updating.

If you’re using Windows Pro or Enterprise, the easiest way to disable phone linking is by using the Local Group Policy Editor. While the launch of a new or updated browser from Microsoft has often been a non-event, this time things are different. 3. In the policy properties window select the Enabled” option, choose the number of days (maximum of fourteen) under the Options section and click OK” to save the changes.

If you have set up your graphics, sound, and other drivers to work the way youth want them to, a major driver update can mean the loss of all those settings. As you know, both your system and programs contain a variety ofdll files that make sure your device works smoothly. You can download and install Edge Chromium from the Microsoft website It’s available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. Step 5: Choose the ‘Enabled’ option.

While the Windows Update service shouldn’t turn itself back on often, it will occasionally do so. This chess program is capable of running multiple AI chess engines and was written by another user using PySimpleGUI. Because Microsoft doesn’t store local account passwords, it can’t reset them for you should yours slip your mind. Under Create an account for this PC,” enter the new user information. Windows 10 gives users options for its updates.